Our Expertise

Family Businesses

Family businesses tend to have strong emotional ties with their business as family members develop mutual trust and understanding amongst relatives to continue to build and run a successful business. A family business tend to have all details of the business passed from one generation to the next through onsite work experiences and home coaching. Family businesses are strong businesses that withstand foreign influences as all decisions are kept inhouse. However, most commonly, not all family members can become in agreeance with decisions and may find lost business opportunities start to occur. Coaching intervention will help facilitate difficult decisions and strategically mediate the best decision for the family business through the years of experience achieved by Alan Wang and his team.

Entrepreneurs & SMEs

For thought leaders and entrepreneurs, financial pressures and long hours can take a toll on their mental health. With stress, entrepreneur anxiety and uncertainty of the start ups, strategic direction and visions may become blurry and problems may start to arise from inadequate management of the business in the right way. Business coaching can help you build the correct working foundation from the beginning, so you can free up the neccessary brain space to focus on leading your business to success. Having Alan Wang on your team will help create a work life balance where you can also enjoy the crucial time needed with family, as well with your business.



It is not surprising that the top 10% of executives have personalised coaches to help guide them through all aspects of their life. With busy work schedules, high KPIs and large responsibilities for their organisation, executives tend to find it hard to achieve a work life balance with other aspects of their lives. With an ever changing workforce, competitive industries and financial and legal scrutiny, executives can easily burn out from their role, find a reduction in personal performance as well as making potential poor decisions that may result in corporate losses. With Alan Wang and his team, we have coached numerous top executives in achieving their optimal performance goals while also creating balance with life outside work, so they have the stamina to continue managing their corporations in the long run.