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With over 20 years experience in the business coaching and mentoring industry, Alan Wang brings you extensive business knowledge to help excel your business into new heights.

At Reach 4 Progress, we place emphasis on achieving challenging milestones in short bursts, rather than focusing on the pressure to achieve the end goal tomorrow. We believe that with each progress ticked off, you are ultimately creeping your way to fulfilling your ultimate dreams and end goal – just like the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare mabel.

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Financial Advisor Sydney – James Gerrard was one of our students.

Here are some testimonials from some of our clients:

Thanks Alan Wang for helping us define our goals better. Our business has achieve 30% YOY growth and we couldn’t be happier. We were suffocating in our own work and didn’t have time for any proper planning or forethoughts for the new year. We’re glad you’ve helped us reframe our mindset on how to grow our business and delegate time consuming activities or our weaknesses to someone else

from Mark & Linda, Sydney


Our business was not growing at the rate we were envisioning. We knew our business had so much potential, yet we were not earning the profits the business was forecasted to. Lucky for us, Alan Wang helped us declutter our accounts and to reduce expenses, so we can reap our profits. He also helped us restructure our team and staff so that everyone was working at their maximum potential. We couldn’t be happier. Our profits has grown and our team is also much more happier at work doing what they believe they’re best at.

from Sally & Beth

Your business may be growing well and perhaps you need just a second opinion to push your business over the winning line. Alan Wang and his team can help. We strong connections within most industries and years of experiencing understanding what strategies work for different businesses, you’ll see results from the first week of implementing his strategies.

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