Stop Procastinating with Our Under 1 Minute Rule

Okay, so you have a massive to do list and gawd everything just gets overwhelming. I know because my to do list is so large, my kids are gravitating around it.

So what is the 1 minute rule? You need to break down your tasks to under 1 minute. This way, the goals to complete the task appear achievable. Let’s start.

Let’s say you need to do the dishes. Okay, there’s a whole stock pile. Instead of saying you need to wash ALL the dishes, let’s just do 2 plates from the sink.

Another one, holy moly the laundry pile is awesomely high. OK, realistically with squealing kids, you’re not going to fold all of them. How about folding just 2 shirts at a time whenever you can.

I know, cooking, who likes cooking. Instead of saying, I need to make 3 dishes of x y z, how about just one awesome dish only.

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